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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Does that look familiar?  How nice would it be to actually rest your coffee on your coffee table?  Better yet, how cool would it be to have your TV, cable box, and A/V receiver all turn on and to the correct input, all with the touch of single button?

Imagine clicking a single button on your remote control to turn on your cable box, your TV and the stereo receiver all at the same time so you can watch TV.  Clicking another button, you turn on the Blu-Ray player and switch the input on the TV and the stereo receiver so you can watch Gladiator on Blu-Ray.  Clicking yet another button, you turn on the PlayStation 3 you just bought, ahem, your kids so “they” can play Madden 25.  How awesome would it be to simplify your life and consolidate all four remotes?

Sure, the cable company provides a standard-issue remote which controls your TV and the cable box — similar to those old universal remotes where you need to punch in the four digit code for each device in order to program the remote.  But the problem with those standard-issue remotes is two-fold:  one, they’re complex to setup; and, two, you still have to control each device separately.

Lucky for us, technology has come a long way.

lgtchinoneMeet the Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote control.  So how’s this different from the $9.95 one you found at Radio Shack, you ask?  Well, for one, it’s much more intuitive than that primitive clunker you found — no need to punch in the four digit code in hopes its the correct one, nor do you control each device separately.

Imagine seamless integration of all your devices to work synchronously with each other.  You press “Watch TV” on the remote, the TV, the cable box and A/V receiver all turn on and to the correct input.  You want to change the channel?  You use the channel up / down buttons on the Logitech.  Want to turn up the volume to “black out” the sound of your “overly-caring” mother-in-law?  Use the Logitech’s volume up / down buttons.  Sick of TV and want to play your kids’ PlayStation3?  Press “Play PS3” to turn on the PS3 and switch the TV and A/V receiver to the correct input.

Not only does it eliminate all your other remote controls, it simplifies your life by clicking a single button for each activity.  How cool is that?!

But the best part about it is that it has the ability to send RF signals, meaning you can have your cable box, receiver and Blu-Ray player in another room or hidden in a cabinet out of sight, and the remote will still control the components.  Now that’s pretty cool!


To take it a step further, you can download the Harmony app, and use your smartphone as the remote control.  In the words of our Boston friends, that’s wicked awesome!

Give us a call or shoot us an email if you’re thinking of purchasing one for your living room.  We’ll even set it up for you.  And they make great gifts too.


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