Want to save some green? Alarm Monitoring can help


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

With this economy and these gas prices, who doesn’t want to save some green?  You work hard for your money so Wizard’s Alarm Monitoring Program can save you up 20% on your homeowners insurance policy.

Insurance companies will often times offer discounts ranging from two to twenty percent, depending on the type of alarm system you have installed in your home.

Generally, insurance companies require that you have a sufficient intrusion protection alarm system, along with a hard-wired smoke detectors in each bedroom and on each floor, heat sensors as well as carbon monoxide detectors placed in key locations — with the heat sensors placed in areas such as a kitchen and attic, and carbon monoxide detectors within close proximity to heating equipment.  Since each insurance company’s requirements are different, check with your local insurance agent for the specific requirements.

One other very important requirement for the discount, is that all these components must be monitored by an authorized monitoring company.

So how do I get the discount?

Give us a call for a free consultation.  Generally, a monitored alarm and fire system are required to receive the discount.  We’ll walk you through every step of the installation process.

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